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A place to nurture your
mind, body, and soul.

At The Complete Experience, we believe you deserve an incredible experience that starts before you even walk into our salon.

From our friendly and knowledgeable team members happy to help you book the perfect service to our talented stylists, our entire staff truly put their heart and soul into providing the best experience for you, every time.

Founded by Kathleen Hesse, we've been serving the Racine area for over 22 years now. And true to her Mom's roots, Kathleen's daughter Brooke fell in love with the hair industry at a young age and is now taking over the salon business.

In fact, Brooke started her career early in the hair industry and has been working at The Cutting Edge Salon for her entire career.

From one generation to the next, our commitment to you is never fading: give you the best salon experience of your life, have a ton of fun along the way, and welcome you into our incredible community where you are treated like family.

Meet the team...


Salon Owner

Brooke Hesse

Don’t tell anyone, but we finally figured it out… Brooke is secretly a Unicorn! She sprinkles magic on everything she does, her (gorgeous) hair transforms into a new colorful creation every month, and everyone who is in her presence leaves completely dazzled by her vivid colors, brilliant cuts & the next level conversations that happen in her chair. Omg! Not only that, she’s also the best boss anyone could ask for, our fierce & fearless leader, & following in her Mom’s (Kathleen) steps to take over running TCE. Like we said, totally a magical Unicorn. 


Salon Coordinator 

Becca Small 

What do you call someone who is warm & welcoming, hella-caring & hard-working, delightful & determined and badass & bubbly all at once? We call her... Becca. And we adore her. A lot. When she's not greeting guests & being a badass running things behind the scenes, you can find her on dinner dates with her hubby, playing with their four dogs, breaking necks with her modeling (whoops), & eating all the sweets (because #donuts). Just a fair warning though: She'll probably steal your heart like she did ours!


Advanced Stylist 

Kenna Runge

What if we told you easy going and bubbly Kenna was not only a fabulous hair stylist but also a badass mama (to the bestest daughter), lover of delicious coffee and hilarious memes, dreamer of that bucket-list Hawaiin vacay and she always (always) has ice cream in her freezer & cheesy 2000’s shows & movies on her watchlist? Yeah, we’d be obsessed with her too. But then again, we already are! Her love of creative freedom & personal expression is infectious.


Promotional Stylist 

Cameron Scheckler

What do you get when you mix 1 part sweet, 1 part caffeine, 1 part artsy and a whole lotta color? You get Cameron..our very own sparkly picasso! Inspired by helping a friend fix her blue hair mishap during University, Cameron was hooked ever since on helping people create the most beautiful hair.  When he’s not delighting his clients in his salon chair, you can find him drinking caffeine (duh!) doing art (also, duh!), meditating, hiking, deep in great conversation with friends, or dreaming about that Hawaii bucket list vay-cay.  

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Krista Knudson

When Krista is not helping her favorite clients (spoiler alert: they're all her fav!) days be made at the salon with her amazing facials, lash lifts & tints and body waxing services...she's probably learning KPop dances. Or creating amazing art. Or dreaming about that South Korea visit (hellllo amazing culture & food). Or kicking ass in video games. Or watching the cringiest & corniest 2000's movies (we love it). We think it’s safe to say she totally passes the “awesome human” test. 


Salon Owner

Kathleen Nelsen-Hesse

Meet Kathleen, the OG of TCE! That’s right, the one who started it all. Say hello to our very own salon founder! When she’s not making her clients-turned-friends grin ear to ear in her salon chair, you can find her dancing, working out, devouring the next book on her extensive reading list, boating, skiing, biking (...are you exhausted yet because we are…) binging Netflix, eating great food, and drinking good wine. Basically? She’s a badass inside & outside the salon and a ton of fun to hang with. You’re totally welcome. ;)


Director Stylist 

Amy Rodríguez

Trying to keep up with Amy is like keeping up with the Kardashians (minus all the crazy drama). Not only does she adore making her clients hair beautiful and healthy in the salon, you can also find her out of the salon chasing down fun & upbeat music, playing a rousing game of soccer, diving deep into a historical fiction novel, soaking up sun rays at the beach, being outdoors, hiking, drawing or watching some of that deliciously trashy reality TV. Keep up if you can. ;)  


Advanced Stylist 

Mara Knudson

Down for a crazy fun time in and out of the salon chair? Meet Mara! Lover of cute animals, hysterical reality TV (read: trashy, duh!) anime & video games, good music & movies she’s always up to something fun. Mara fell in love with doing hair thanks to our very own magical, fearless leader Brooke Hesse (aww!) and has been whipping up incredible hair creations ever since. We heart it. And you will heart Mara so hard, too. Weird? Nah.

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Promotional Stylist

Sydney feehrer

Say "hey girl heeeey" to your new super sweet, sometimes sassy, and ALWAYS snackin' best friend Sydney! She may seem a little shy at first, but by the end of your service, she'll have you cracking up and feeling amazing. Win, win..right? Although her true passion is creating new looks for her fabulous clients, you can often find her in the garage with her dad working on cars together. Fun Fact: Her very first car was a '74 VW Beetle, and she's even still got it!

...we can't wait to meet you!