We're dedicated to advancing stylist skills through education on professional techniques and products which, correlates to an exceptional experience for our guests.


Prices are based on short hair. There will be an extra charge based on the additional time and/or products needed to perform services on long hair. All prices are subject to change at any time for any reason.

Service Categories


Quality texturing services and products for beautiful hair.


Promotional Stylist
Starts at $45


Advanced Stylist
Starts at $50


Master Stylist
Starts at $55

Director Stylist
Starting at $60


Above prices are for retouch only. Full head requires consultation to estimate price. Long or thick hair will be slightly higher.

All relaxing services include professional consultation and finished style.


$250 for average length
slightly higher if extra product is used for long hair
Take home products to guarantee results ( not included)  shampoo, conditioner, smoothing serum and masque. Use of take home products will lengthen the time treatment lasts .
We are currently featuring Brazilian Blowout Original, Zero and Simply Smooth smoothing systems.
visit www.brazilianblowout.com to explore the amazing results we have seen!


Promotional Stylist
Short hair starts at $50
Long hair starts at $60

Advanced Stylist
Short hair starts at $55
Long hair starts at $70


Master Stylist
Short hair starts at $60
Long hair starts at $80

Director Stylist
Short hair starts at $65
Long hair starts at $90


All texture services include professional consultation and finished style.


Starting at $300
Price may be higher for long or thick hair.
Come in for a free consultation!
Chi professional straightening is a chemical restructuring of the hair that reduces 80-90% of natural curl.
Can be combined with Keratin treatments for further smoothing.
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We'd prefer to schedule your appointment in advance which, grants our staff the time required to provide you with an exceptional experience. To make an appointment please give us a call or send us an email! Our cancelation policy requires 24 hours notice.

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