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THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE ~ 3801 Blue River Ave. Racine, WI
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If you're looking for a place to nurture your mind, body, and've found it.

At The Complete Experience, we're dedicated to the overall health and wellness of our community.

Using still meditation, active movement, and providing knowledge of mind-body types, our entire staff truly put their heart and soul into providing the best experience for you, every time.

Brooke Hesse's biggest dream has always been to provide a space for mental, physical, and spiritual healing for those in her local community.

Her contagious vision was seen and shared by long time client turned friend, Kate Nor, and The Complete Experience was officially born.


Meet the team...



Brooke Hesse

Don’t tell anyone, but we finally figured it out… Brooke is secretly a Unicorn! She sprinkles magic on everything she does, her (gorgeous) hair transforms into a new colorful creation every month, and everyone who is in her presence leaves completely dazzled by her vivid colors, brilliant cuts & the next level conversations that happen in her chair. These convos and her experience in the beauty industry showed her a deep need for holistic wellness in the entire community. So naturally, she was driven to fill it. Like we said, totally a magical Unicorn. 



kate nor

Kate has spent her entire career in the healthcare field after receiving her MBA from the University of Wisconsin Parkside. She was diagnosed in 2021 with breast cancer and decided to focus on wellness as a way to heal. Which resulted in teaming up with Brooke to create a beautiful space in which they could grow. 


aka The Complete Experience ;)

307658681_777050513346868_2284547630037928021_n - Helena Fedders (2)_edited.jpg

200 E-RYT, 500 RYT, YACEP

Bobbie Fedders

A yoga class with Bobbie is like a hug for your soul. After being introduced to the "feel good" practice during some difficult life events, she was inspired to share her passion for overall wellness with the community. Her positively kooky outlook on life reminds you to "stop and smell the roses" if you will. And she definitely understands the need to balance a healthy lifestyle with sweets and carbs!

She'll have the spaghetti dinner with chocolate ice cream for dessert, please!

Katie Taylor_edited.jpg

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

katie taylor

This bird watching nature lover is pretty much the embodyment of #zen. Normally you'll find her in the garden tending to her plants, and day dreaming of that perfect trip to Provance, France. The lavendar feilds are calling! 


Reiki has helped her heal, both physically and emotionally. It empowers people and, in her opinion, that is the best part!. Her life has changed so much since starting her spiritual journey and she just wants everyone to experience loving themselves and the skin they are in.

IMG_6618 copy - Cassandra Bjelajac_edited.jpg

MHA, PCC, RYT, Reiki Master

Cassandra Bjelajac

15 years of working with hospital patients, and many solo vacations filled with self-reflection were just the right mixture for Cassandra to realize her full potential in the health and wellness world. Her empathy and ability to truly understand people help her design experiences that are just the right fit for her clients/students. And as if she couldn't get any cooler, this kind heart spends her weekends taking care of rescued farm animals at Tiny Hooves Sanctuary. Nothing's better than goat kisses and pig belly rubs!


50hr AAI, 200hr HYI, BA in Early Childhood Ed. 

Laura Montgomery

Laura's friends may consider her a bit of a hermit, but the things she gives her time to always flourish. Especially her love of aerial hammock and fashion design! While processing some clingy childhood drama, she was guided to use these two healing modalities to help build her confidence. And boy did she do just that! Her experiences give her the perfect insight for helping her younger students express themselves and treat themselves with compassion.

ajr1 - Angela_edited.jpg

Certified Sound Healer

Angela Ruesch

Friends would describe Angela as an honest, beautiful, kind loving human. She is driven by helping others. Her downtime is spent with her children or creating art of any form—an avid lover of photography, scrapbooking, refinishing furniture, and being in nature. Her son Max inspired her to get into the wellness industry. She says "It rewarding to see someone hit a goal or to see someone try something new." 

C2373160-41F1-47A2-BECB-715E7817C688 - Amanda Martinez_edited.jpg

License Massage Therapist

amanda martinez

Amanda is a strong ambitious woman, who loves working in service for others. Her passion for working with clients toward goals brings such meaning to her life.

She finds her wellness through the ocean, using the waves to connect to her heart.

She loves to lift weights and practice holistic healing in all means of life. 


Reiki Master Teacher, Scalp and Facial Acupuncturist, L.Ac., LLC, MSOM, BN, BA

KENneth Litterer

Ken is very passionate about holistic healing. He specializes in acupuncture, oriental medicine, and reiki. When he's not using his acupuncture superpowers in the studio, you can find Ken with his chihuahuas and wife up north. Acupuncture can help with various ailments such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, pain headaches, or, really, anything! Get on his books now!!!!

...we can't wait to meet you!

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