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We think you'll love these special programs and offers! If you don't want to miss a thing, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter.


Kenosha spiritual awakening market

Gina from It's All Connected will be giving away free 15-minute Reiki sessions and promoting TCE Wellness. $10 swag bags available that includes TCE bag, T-shirt and sports bottle or coffee mug. @Rhodes Theater 514 56th St., Kenosha. Click here for more info, no sign-up needed.




Wellness Party

6-7:30 pm

Fun, social, and healthy! Discover your Ayurveda mind-body type, make and take home an essential oil spray, and relax with gentle yoga and group meditation. @The Complete Experience, 3801 Blue River Ave., Racine. Click here for more info or to sign up.

Sept 25

restorative yoga

9-10:15 am

A gentle, slow style of yoga that involves long, passive holds for a series or 4 to 6 poses. Yogis are often supported by props to enhance or deepen their experience and achieve a state of total relaxation. @The Complete Experience, 3801 Blue River Ave., Racing. Click here for more info or to sign up.

Yoga with Props
THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE ~ 3801 Blue River Ave. Racine, WI

If you're a wellness practitioner of any type who would like to join the TCE tribe, reach out!

  • Treatment rooms are available to lease

  • Stylist chairs are available to lease


  • The studio space is available for rent


We believe helping each other's holistic health businesses helps all of us and the community. or 262-886-9475.

 Let's Work Together 

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